Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

By Inno Bakery Admin | March, 1, 2013

Organic Virgin Coconut Oil is now available at Coquitlam and Port Coquitlam Inno Bakery.

Wild Tusker organic virgin coconut oil is extracted from fresh coconut harvested from the originally certified coconut plantations in Sri Lanka. The hand-picked coconuts are carefully subjected to a mechanical process followed by a mild heating and filtration while maintaining the exotic rich taste and fragrance of the coconut. Wild Tusker organic coconut oil is rick in anti-oxidants and Lauric Acid. Wild Tusker’s virgin Coconut oil is a pure, edible grade oil that does not go through any chemical refining process, thus allowing it to retain its natural flavour, aroma, and original fatty acid composition.

Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, Inno Bakery Coquitlam

Use this wonderful versatile oil as:

A healthy choice of fat/oil in you cooking or baking (Safe cooking oil for all hot food preparations)

Raw and fresh bread spread

Natural healthy beauty treatment to moisture your skin or as an oil treatment for your hair

Massage oil